Horse Time, Inc. has enjoyed financial support from a number of sources, including individual donors, community groups and national foundations. Horse Time, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit corporation. All donations are tax-deductible according to the IRS guidelines. Horse Time accepts many different kinds of donations, including cash, equipment, and horses.

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As horse needs change periodically please email if you have a potential horse donation. In general, Horse Time can only consider horses that are well-trained, sound, healthy, and very quiet. We will consider loans as well as donations. If Horse Time is unable to provide placement for your horse, you may want to check out Donate My Horse or contact The Georgia Equine Rescue League.

Thank-you for your interest in our program!



Horse Time Wish List


Your Donation of $100 will:

  • Cover the cost of a Horse Time pony’s shoes for 3 months
  • Buy 4 new Horse Time grooming kits
  • Sponsor a weekly Horse Time therapeutic horsemanship lesson for 2 weeks for one participant
  • Pay for a new Horse Time tabletop display
  • Cover the cost of a grant-making or fundraising workshop for a board, staff, or committee member
  • Buy three new saddle pads for Horse Time
  • Buy two sets of adaptive reins or one set of sidereins for Horse Time

Your Donation of $200 will:

  • Sponsor one Horse Time group participant for a 7 week group session
  • Cover the cost of a Horse Time pony’s shoes for 6 months
  • Buy a new bridle, bit and reins for a Horse Time therapy horse
  • Buy a new gel pad, felt pad, terry cloth pad cover, and longe line for a Horse Time vaulting horse
  • Re-cover an outdoor (practice) vaulting horse
  • Buy new cones, poles, and toys for the Horse Time riding ring
  • Buy 3 new safety helmets for Horse Time clients

Your Donation of $500 will:

  • Sponsor one Horse Time individual therapy client for weekly sessions for 6 weeks
  • Buy a new saddle for a Horse Time therapy horse
  • Pay for a Horse Time office manager for 50 hours
  • Cover the cost of sending two Horse Time instructors to our annual regional conference (PATH)

Your Donation of $1000 will:

  • Purchase a new vaulting surcingle for Horse Time use
  • Pay for 7 Horse Time horses' winter blankets/raincoats
  • Buy a computer for Horse Time
  • Cover the cost of sending one Horse Time staff person to the annual national conference (PATH)
  • Pay for Horse Times insurance policy for one year
  • Buy 50 Horse Time logo shirts for program participants and volunteers

Your Donation of $3000 will:

  • Cover the costs of weekly private riding lessons for 2 special needs riders for an entire school year
  • Purchase a new therapy horse for Horse Time
  • Cover the expense of a part-time director for 300 hours
  • Allow Horse Time to host a clinical workshop on therapeutic horsemanship
  • Pay for an independent financial audit of Horse Time (needed for grants)
  • Purchase transportation to and from Horse Time for 2 group therapy clients for an entire 8-week group

Your Donation of $5000 will:

  • Fund the development of a physical therapy program at Horse Time
  • Sponsor a clinical conference at Horse Time
  • Pay for veterinary and farrier care for 4 Horse Time horses for a year
  • Purchase weekly group therapy for 6 clients for an entire school year

Your Donation of $15,000 will:

  • Sponsor 4 classes of special education students to participate in weekly Horse Time services for an entire school year
  • Fund transportation (to and from Horse Time) for 6 group therapy clients for one year
  • Cover the costs of a new, handicapped-accessible bathroom facility for Horse Time clients
  • Sponsor a 3-month clinical training fellowship at Horse Time
  • Install lights and irrigation in the new covered riding arena

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Ancient Celts deemed certain days of their annual calendar as "Horse Time," a time reserved for safe travel. Our program will assist you on a journey of your own.

By interacting with horses and the environment, we believe you can come to a deeper understanding of yourself, your relationships and the world around you.

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Horse Time is devoted to facilitating horse and human interactions in a context of wellness for the purposes of healing and growth.

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